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Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings

Since March 2014, I am a Certified Angel Card Reader through Radleigh Valentine's Hay House I Can Do It conference class, in Denver, CO.

If you are looking for Divinely Guided answers to your prayers, maybe an angel card reading is just what you need!

Are you "stuck" in the same spot on your Life's journey?

Do you have a romance question?

Do you have a life purpose question?

Do you want to lovingly and Divinely contact or reach out to a passed-over loved one?

Do you have a health question? 

over loved one?

Do you have a health question? 

These prayers and questions can be answered though an Angel Card Reading. 

All readings are held in the Light of God and begin and end with a prayer. Please contact me should you like to book an angel party. My mom Tamara, (who is my best friend), is also a Certified Angel Card Reader so if you have a group larger than 3, we can come as a team to expedite the readings since they last 20-30 minutes.

For readings, please private message me.

All My Best,


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