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Miracle Minded Melissa 

Photo Blogger - Inspiration Artist - Storyteller 



Abundance Shows up as a Wild Cat

Posted on January 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (504)

It is a crisp, bright and clear, chilly winter morning in the foothills of Colorado. The ground has little snow and Life is beautifully still outside. GrandMother Earth is glorious in her new day.

I sit in the window basking in the warmth from Father Sun. I say my morning affirmations and prayers. I open my eyes and I see the neighborhood wild cat at my door.

I love him. I've named him Buster.

I am always delighted to see him. He stops by to ask for a bite to eat, and I of course provide a meal to him. He’s been visiting for about six years now. Sometimes I won’t see him for months. I’ll think about him and he shows up the next day. We must have a connection.

Two years ago I gained his trust enough that he allows me to pet him. Before, he would keep his distance, but now, I stick out my pointer finger, and he comes to check me out. I rub his ears, cheeks and under his chin. Yay!!

He is a remarkable cat. He has survived sub-zero temperatures and attacks living in the wild. I’ve seen injuries on him heal. I do not know where he goes, but he shows up knowing he will receive love and a meal from me.

This morning I asked myself what I thought his presence in my life meant.

This is what I feel. Buster shows up to remind me that I am completely taken care of by the Abundant Universe.

He shows up to remind me that in our human experience we too can survive our own sub-zero event in our lives. He reminds me that we have our own journey to experience.

He’s out there living a wild cat life and knows when he shows up at my door, he will receive a meal and some love.

The Universe shows up for us too, knowing that our greatest wants, desires and needs are met in the Highest Good, for the Highest Good.

How does Spirit show you your Divine Abundance?


Relationships as a Path of Spiritual Growth

Posted on January 20, 2020 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (1507)

Recently I completed a spiritual growth lesson in a Toastmasters International Pathways course. The lesson was called “Focus on the Positive,” a project in the Leadership Development path, a Level 3 elective. I am a pretty positive person by nature, so I wanted to enhance myself by seeing where areas of improvement are, aka working on my Spiritual Growth through relationships.

The “Focus on the Positive” project addressed strategies for improving my relationships and personal interactions by understanding the impact of my attitudes and thoughts in my daily interactions. I kept a daily journal/record of my moods and attitudes for two weeks. I noted when I felt positive or negative, my successes and efforts, and my daily gratitudes. I also recorded and evaluated any changes in my behavior and the behavior of those around me.

After day six of keeping record of my thoughts and feelings, I noticed an area for improvement within my relationships. I was feeling annoyed with my dear husband’s driving. Our relationship is important to me. I love him, and I don’t want to feel annoyed, so at that moment, I thought, “What can I do to shift my super annoyed feelings, to a feeling of peace and harmony?” Then the acronym “B.E.S.T” came to me. I can take a deep, centering Breath, Exclaim my thoughts and feelings to Spirit, Surrender the outcome to Spirit, and, to be Thankful that the situation is blessed and taken care of by Spirit.

The next opportunity that I drove in the car with my dear husband, I was able to practice “Doing my B.E.S.T.” Instead of reacting to my loved-one with annoyance, I was able to practice “B.E.S.T.” I cannot believe how free I felt, at that moment, that I did not have to “fix or “solve” an issue. My loved-one can do just fine without my commentary on driving. When I am finger-pointing, I have three pointing right back at me. It’s not about how I can change my loved-one, it’s about changing me, and how I respond to them. Once I changed me, I noticed the relationship between my dear husband, and I has changed positively, too; and now we’re both not annoyed driving together! I do my best to apply the “B.E.S.T.” acronym in all areas/relationships of my life now.

How can I teach the concept of “Relationships as a Path of Spiritual Growth” in spiritual guidance sessions? I would teach through experience. I understand that relationships offer a path of awakening, healing, and fulfillment, and to invite us to shift to new levels of consciousness. Relationships provide us an opportunity to practice and trust Divine Principle, and to use the creative process. Since I know this is true for me, I know this is true for others, including clients in a spiritual guidance session. I can ask the client if they are open to hearing some ideas how to heal their relationships. If they are open and willing, I would suggest an exercise like “Focus on the Positive.”

To conclude, relationships challenge us to be our very best version of ourselves. When we spend much time alone, without the interaction of relationships, I feel we get stuck in our own ways and there is little, to no, spiritual growth, plus spiritual growth is painful. Nobody said growth is painless! Our relationships almost force us to grow to the Light, or the consequence is feeling stagnant and unfulfilled. My relationship with spiritual growth is on-going, moving, and fluid. I know and realize that I am always growing and learning and improving, until my very last breath in this existence. 

What do you think? How can you do your B.E.S.T. in your daily relationships?