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Miracle Minded Melissa 

Photo Blogger - Inspiration Artist - Storyteller 



A Day In the Life of a Warm Fuzzy

Posted on March 31, 2020 at 8:50 PM

Today is the 3rd week of quarantine. To pass the time in an imaginative and creative way, I am sharing a day in the life of a Warm Fuzzy.

My Warm Fuzzy's name is Emma, short for Emerald, and named after Emma Curtis Hopkins, a wonderful pioneer in the New Thought/Ancient Wisdom era.

Introducing Emma:

Enjoying some outside time in meditation.

Checking out this magnificent beast. Shhhhhh. Don't wake her or she'll roll off and the beast will catch her!!

Goin' on a walk with Hanielle.

Tree climbing

Jeep ride to see the fairies. �� And a bonus airplane ride too.

We don't fit in the Camaro very well tho. Haha! ������

Categories: Warm Fuzzy, Imagination, Creativity

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