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Update - 08/10/21

Greetings!! Today I had my furnace and a/c replaced so I took out the boxes stored in my crawlspace where the furnace was located. I don't have much, just keepsakes and holiday boxes. I found my box of keepsakes and decided to take a break and reminisce. So many memorable trinkets, report cards, photos and art were inside. I opened my art portfolio who did I find in my art-folio??? A color-pencil

/watercolor sketch/painting of Michael Bolton! Oh wow this is too funny!! lolololo! The art was created on a blank piece of sketch paper, so the watercolor made your face wrinkled/wavy. I created this by looking at one of your cd covers. haha. I just realized that I sketched this one year and one day before my mom and I actually saw you in concert. Wow. Funny! Notice how I couldn't draw your hand so I tucked it in. hahahaha I hope you find this funny too! -Melissa

Letter to Michael Bolton - 07/15/21

Dear Michael Bolton,

My name is Melissa and I have been a fan of yours since I was eight years old. Throughout my life, I made sure your music was in my mixed-tapes, my mixed cds, my mp3 players, my iPods and now my streaming services. So, you can say that I am a life-long fan. However, I am not reaching out to you about me (although I am playing a part), I am reaching out to you about my dear mother, Tamara - who is my ultimate best friend (besides my husband), and she means the world to me. And she's the reason why I have been a fan of yours since I was eight as she is a fan too!

The back-story.

When I reached 8th grade in 1992, about 13 years old, I had an English writing assignment for homework. (Me at 13 to the right, mom 34 - no she wasn't 12 when she had me - lol). I had to write in a journal. One day I didn't know what to write about, but I was listening to your ‘Time, Love and Tenderness’ cassette tape, on the floor in my bedroom. And I begin writing your lyrics for my mom and you. It was like a letter from you to her. Lololo. At the time I didn't know about plagiarism. So, I'm sorry about that. But I always remembered that your music and your heart, your energy, your spirit is what really resonated with me, and I always thought that you should be with my mom, or my mom should be with you. Ha!

Then… at the end of my freshman year in high school, I still loved your music and really wanted to go to your concert. I remember this like yesterday… It was in the Spring, on a Monday, and your tickets went on sale that day. I begged mom to get us tickets. She said she would try. The internet like we know it wasn’t around, so she had to call TicketMaster at a certain time while I was at school. Cell phones were not around so I saved a quarter from my lunch to make a call to her on the school payphone to see if she got the tickets. I called and she answered. She told me that the tickets were sold out!!! She was a trickster!! She let me stew all day at school and surprised me when I got home that we got tickets. We saw you at Fiddlers Green in Englewood, CO, on June 10th, 1994 – 9 days before my 15th birthday!

Back to current day - I've had this feeling for the last seven months or so that I should reach out to you to tell you this insane story of how I want my mom and you to meet for a potential love connection and say “hi”. She has heard this crazy idea of mine and is up for meeting you. 

There is an event that we are attending that is happening here in Colorado where we live. Kenny G is playing in Boulder, CO in September, September 18th 2021, and I know that you have played music together in the past. It is at the Chautauqua Event Center, a beautiful venue. There is a restaurant on the property, and we will be dining there before the concert. I don't know if you're still friends or not, but I thought maybe the perfect time will be for you to come visit Boulder and come to the Kenny G concert and we could meet, and you can meet my mom. I know this sounds so crazy but it's not, and I’m not crazy too!!! Lololo You’ve heard the saying “The answer will always be ‘no’ if you don’t ask.” Well I have a 50/50 shot by asking. I don’t even know if you are available or want a relationship. I just wanted you to know about my amazing mom and how you two would be a great match.

My mom is a pretty amazing person. She is simple, down to-earth. Her Divine Light shines so bright, and her heart and spirit are so giving. She is spiritual, she's mindful, she loves to eat, she loves to play, she loves to travel. She is mindful of her mind, body, and spirit. She loves, loves, loves, loves to cook, and creates tasty, delicious food. She loves to prepare and gather it too. And it's healthy, life-giving food! She loves nature and animals. We have twin white chocolate Labradors whom we absolutely adore. She meditates and she practices yoga. She is a successful businesswoman who owns her own hair salon in the Cherry Creek area of Denver, for 12+ years. She has been a hairstylist in the same area for 40+ years. She is a smart, intelligent, kind-hearted, loving woman. She is in a place in her life to welcome someone amazing and special to share this journey called Life with.

You're probably getting billions more letters now because of the dating game. But I had this idea of reaching out to you before the game show aired, I just waited too long. When I saw your advertisement on Facebook, at first, I thought you were going to be a contestant rather than a co-host. I was so relieved to see that you were co-hosting and not a participant and maybe Mom hasn’t missed her chance. Lololo

All I'm saying is I'm really putting it out there and I hope this gets to you and you agree to meeting sometime. Please come to the Kenny G concert!!! Omg!!

Thank you for reading & considering meeting. 

Sincerely and All My Best,

Melissa, and my Beautiful Momma, Tamara

Melissa Berg

Tamara and Melissa

Melissa 13yo - 1993

source - wikipedia

Kenny G

Playing Boulder 09/18/21 - source Chautaqua -

Tamara Gifford

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