Miracle Minded Melissa 

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Thank you for inquiring to know more about me.  I am Melissa Berg.  I am a Divine Child of God, as we all are. We are One.


I am committed to serving Spirit, through sincere prayer, caring practice and honorably serving others, myself and the earth in the Highest Good. Using universal principles and philosophies of Spirituality, I am able to offer practical tools for taking the actions steps toward leading a loving, joyous, abundant and peaceful life.


Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, I am a supportive beacon of Light shining a wealth of opportunities for personal spiritual growth. I aspire to strengthen Love, confidence and joy through the Light of God and the Golden Christ-Light within. 


I am a nature photographer.  I enjoy creating art with my photos and pairing them with my favorite inspirational quotes and affirmations.  Please also check out my Blog, Miracle-Minded Melissa.


Not only that, I am the Vice President of Charters by: Air Denver, Inc. I book private aircraft charters for passengers and cargo through my family business.   

I am greatly inspired by Spirit, Mother Nature, Gaia. 


I am married to a wonderful man.  His name is Chad, and I'm so blessed that he is a genuine, generous, secure, supportive, caring, noble, hard-working, loving, stand-up Man.  I am most grateful that he energetically loves me freely and that I am able to energetically live Life abundantly. 

I am a momma of four fur babies - Kiah, 11yo white Labrador, Hanielle (Hani) and Tiamo (Tia) my 1 yo white Labradors and Kitty, my 16yo black cat.  My mom Tamara is my best friend.  We talk daily and see each other at least a couple times a week. Tia is actually her fur-baby and our dogs love each other - so that's why Tia is mine. lol 

I am truly grateful for this Life and everyone in it.   

Thank you again for stopping by.  Sending much Love, Light and Gratitude!


All My Best,

Miracle Minded Melissa

Miracle Minded Melissa Berg
Miracle Minded Melissa Berg
Miracle Minded Melissa Berg
Miracle Minded Melissa Berg